Dear Voters, 

My name is Jonathan Smith and I am a Write-In Candidate for Congress in California’s 34th Congressional District. I started seeking this office in November 2013.  However, on March 14 of this year, I received a letter stating that I would not be on the June 3rd ballot due to some invalid signatures on my Nomination Petition. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. However, after talking with family and friends, I decided to continue my campaign as a Write-In Candidate.  I realized that my platform and the message it represents are far more important than my disappointment or bruised ego.

I am even more impassioned now than before as I have seen first hand how our elective process discourages people like you and me from running for office without corporate funding and political clout. The fact that a candidate cannot verify the collected signatures as valid without paying an exorbitant fee for voter lists is proof that the system is flawed and must be changed.  The true irony is that some of those who signed my petition were found invalid because they do not live in the district and yet Congressmen and women do not have to live in the district in order to run and serve in Congress.  This definitely must be changed.

Our district and our country are in dire need of new leadership in Congress.   We need a Political Revolution – a revolution that will change the elective process and seriously challenge the two-party monopoly.  The power is in the hands of the voters, who must vote out the career incumbents.  We must use our voting right to say "no" to the career politicians who are ruining our country and say "yes" to men and women like you and me in order to create a new era of non-partisan communication and collaboration to achieve the kind of government our nation was founded upon, a government that is for and by the people, not for and by its leaders and representatives. 

I am running as a true Independent.  I am not nor will I ever be obligated or beholden to any political party. I know that real progress and change often comes from meeting in the middle.  Most importantly, I am not running at the behest of big money.  I will not take a dime from corporations, PAC’s, or special interest groups.  Every dollar that funds my campaign will come from my own pocket and people like you.

Please take a moment to explore my website and learn about my position on protecting our veterans, reforming our political system, and fighting to change our education system and usher in student loan debt relief.

Winning this election as a Write-In is indeed a challenge and I definitely cannot do it alone.  In order to make a difference, we must come together and take back our district and country from career politicians, special interests groups and corporations, and divisive party politics.  Please contribute and/or volunteer today.  

Together, WE make history.

Together, WE win.


Write in JONATHAN SMITH on your June 3rd Primary Ballot.


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Jonathan Smith for Congress
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